Web & Marketing Videos

It's becoming clearer every day that today's shoppers are researching and finding the products they need online. Having an on-line marketing video sets your business apart from the competition. According to Businessweek, 85% of consumers who view a product video are more likely to buy your product or service. According to Bloomberg it also improves your chances of being on the first page with search engines by up to 53 times!

A recent study by SocialMediaToday shows that having a video representing your brand and products makes you up to 55% more memorable! But how? When video is done right, it sets off emotional triggers that static text cannot, ultimately influencing buying decisions. According to Forrester Research, just one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. That's more than three times the length of War And Peace.

According to Clearfit research, e-mails with a direct, obvious video call-to-action had an average 53% higher click-to-open rate than those which did not. Video works especially well in e-mail campaigns. Grab your customer's attention through effective email marketing and be heard.

Stand out from the competition and capture customers' attention with a cutting edge multimedia experience. Display marketing videos, television commercials, orientation videos, music videos, and tutorials directly from your company's web site

Sample Videos

Baker Creative Productions is a professional videography service located in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Our professional videographers have the experience and production equipment to serve all of your video production and audio production needs. We extend our videography services to cover the four-state region including Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia as well as Washington DC. For information regarding our services outside of this geographical region, please contact us.